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    Along Highway 89, coming into Mt. Pleasant from the North, you will find a Daughters of the Utah Pioneers marker placed at the site of the FORT, built when Mt Pleasant was settled. The Marker is in the mini garden by the recreation center on 10 North State. On this comer, you’ll also find a Veterans Memorial being constructed to remember those men and women who have served in the several wars to keep our country free. The familiar Doughboy monument from World War I stands as a sentinel on this corner. Just across the road on the Carnegie Library corner (at 24 East Main) stands the pioneer monument commemorating those valiant pioneers that were the first settlers of Mt Pleasant.

    While visiting Mt. Pleasant on Highway 89, be sure to visit the PIONEER HISTORICAL PRESERVATION ASSOCIATION MUSEUM AND RELIC HOME. This is located at 130 South State Street. This historical home now houses Pioneer Relics. It was the home of William Stewart Seely and was built about 1861. It is also significant as the reported site of the signing, in September of 1872, of the final Peace treaty that ended the Black Hawk War between the Mormon settlers and the Indian in the Area. This was one of the first homes built outside of the Fort. William Stewart Seely who built the home was the First Mayor and Bishop of Mt. Pleasant. The home is on the National Historical Register. The Museum Relic Home is open to the public weekly on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Normal hours are 1 to 3 PM, but it is also open on most holidays with the help of the volunteers and is open by special appointment.

    For an appointment, please call:

    ROXIE WASHBURN 462-2334

    KATHY HAFEN 462-2633

    CITY HALL 462-2456