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    Utility Application



     The Mt. Pleasant Main Street Committee is forming a coalition to support a proposition that will be on the ballot of the November 8 General Election. The proposition would add 2 ¼ % to the local charge city residents pay on their utility bill for electricity and natural gas. The city will receive approximately $105,000 a year, which would be used exclusively to heat the pool water 12 months a year; to hire life guards, purchase chemicals, other supplies and cover general expenses.

     Mt. Pleasant City has raised $2.5 million to build a swimming pool/aquatic center that has been designed to serve toddlers, teenagers, seniors and all ages in-between. In addition, it will be used for competitive swimming.  From slides to fast lanes, the pool will serve everyone in the community.

     The Coalition’s main objective centers on educating voters about the many benefits the swimming pool/aquatic center would bring to all of the city’s people if it has the financial capacity to operate year round. There is enough money to build the pool and operate it from Memorial Day to Labor Day. A “yes” vote would keep the pool operating all year so competitive swimming and training could take place, therapeutic benefits from swimming could be offered during the winter months and people could swim and relax during every season of the year.

     The Main Street Committee notes that a straw poll has been taken by the city during the past few months and over 250 people have expressed support for adding a charge to their utility bill to assure the pool’s success. The Committee plans to build on this support by asking people to step forward and add their names to the coalition’s list of backers who will be involved in an extensive education campaign to secure a “yes” vote for the proposition.