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  • Mt. Pleasant City has an active Youth City Council.

    The purpose of the Mt. Pleasant Youth City Council (known as YCC) is to be an advisory body to the Mt. Pleasant City Council, dealing with, considering, and making recommendations in respect of all manner of issues and programs, youth crime, teen counseling and activities, and teen employment opportunities.

    The YCC has been re-activated as 2001.  The YCC consists of twelve (12) or more high school age students and volunteer Advisors.  The concept to create such an organization was a high priority of the Mt. Pleasant City Council, who wish to hear the voice of the youth of Mt. Pleasant.

    All members of the YCC voluntarily come together at least once a month to discuss youth issues and community concerns facing today’s world. In coming together, members are hoping to generate solutions to the challenges they face every day.

    Members are learning valuable leadership and organizational skills as well as an understanding of municipal governments.  They are laying a foundation for future Youth City Council members to follow, and for other state municipalities to draw ideas from.

    If you are interested in YCC, have questions or concerns, or want meeting dates and times contact Mt. Pleasant City Hall at (435) 462-2456.

    The e-mail address for the Youth City Council:


    Facebook account: Mt.Pleasant Ycc

    Web Address: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011262333649

    Facebook page: Mount Pleasant Youth City Council

    Web Address: https://www.facebook.com/Mount-Pleasant-Youth-City-Council-1120368167974937/

    Instagram user name: Mt.pleasantYcc

    To apply to Youth City Council, please fill out the application using the following link:


    In the alternative, you can print out the materials, fill them out, and send them in.

    The following documents make up the packet to apply for Youth City Council.

    YCC General Info

    Mt. Pleasant YCC ltr to Parents

    By-Laws – Mt. Pleasant YCC Radified

    YCC Application